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DigiStar ballasts
My ballast does not start, what should I do?
Can I extend my DigiStar lamp cord or replace it?
Which lamp is suitable for the DigiStar ballast?
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Pro-line HID ballasts
Can I used double ended Metal Halide lamps in my Pro 1000W fixture?
How many BTU do I need for cooling the complete fixtures?
My Pro 600 ballast isn't starting. What should I check?
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Light Emitting Plasma (LEP)
There are two different spectra available, the 41.01 and 41.02. Which should I use?
On which voltage can I run my plasma lamp?
HortiStar reflectors
I see you have a new wide reflector, the W 150 DE. How close can I have them to the crop?
How often should I replace the HR96 reflector of the Hortistar?
TripleStar reflectors
How often should I replace my reflector plates?
How long is the warranty period on my Gavita products?
I have a Gavita product with problems. What should I do?

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Welcome the the Frequently Asked questions Article rated 2.6/5.0
We update the articles in the knowledgebase regularly to make this as comprehensive as possible. If you have a question, go give it a try before you open a ticket. The answer might already be a few mo...
How many fixtures do I need for my crop? Article rated 3.2/5.0
When calculating the number of fixtures required to light your crop you need to take the following into consideration:   1. When we light a surface, we always light the entire cultivation area. We do...

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