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There are two different spectra available, the 41.01 and 41.02. Which should I use?


The 41.02 emitter is specifically developed to provide high quality light, close to sunlight. This full spectrum is in particular suited for vegetative phase and for example mother plants. It can also be used together with HPS for the generative phaze. 

The 41.01 emitter has less red and increased color spectrum where the HPS spectrum stops. Because HPS is more efficient in producing red light this is the best combination for the generative phase, but is is also suitable for a short vegetative cycle. 

We prepared a whitepaper about the differences between the lamps and which spectrum one to choose. It is attached to this article.

White-paper-plasma-spectrum-1.05.pdf White-paper-plasma-spectrum-1.05.pdf
flyer-300-LEP.pdf flyer-300-LEP.pdf

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