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My ballast does not start, what should I do?


In some cases your DigiStar ballast willl not fire the lamp. Of course it could be the ballast itself but in most cases it is one of the following:

1. Timer

Always use a timer with a solid contactor, as HID ballasts have an inrush current that will fry household timers.

2. Long lamp cords

If you use very long lamp cords that could interfere with ignition. In not sure, replace by the original cable and try to ignite on it. We recommend to keep the lamp cords as short as possible as they act like antennas that create electromagnetic interference

3. Power cable and lamp cord not seperated

If you keep the lamp cord and power cord parallel you could experience high frequency feedback into the ballast, which can cause the ballast to fail to start. Machines are amplifiers. Keep lamp cord and mains cord strictly seperated. 

4. Connecting cord to lamp holder

You lamp cord has 2 black wires which should be connected to the lamp holder. The green one is for earth, connect that too the earth connection of your reflector. Double insulated reflectors with a plastic housing do not have an earth connection. There is no preferred way of connecting the two black wires as an electronic ballast outputs a floating AC signal.

5. Lamp

Make sure the lamp is inserted correctly and tight enough. Inspect the arc tube: you will see a thing metal line on the arc tube in most cases, which is there to help the lamp ignite. If for some reason that gets loose from the arc tube it will not ignite. 

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