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I see you have a new wide reflector, the W 150 DE. How close can I have them to the crop?


The W 150 DE is a wide reflector, the HR96 is a medium deep reflector (medium beam angle, deep penetration). In most circumstances the HR96 will be the best choice for a larger plan. The W 150 DE is most suitable for vegetative rooms where you need to spread the light over a larger distance for lower ppfd, or for example when you mix the HPS with plasma light in a vegetative or mother room. In large rooms with limited height the W 150 DE can be used to gain about a ft crop height compared to the HR96. 

For uniformity we recommend a minimum of 90 cm (3 ft) from the HR96, and a minimum of 75 cm (2 ft 6 inch) for the W 150 DE for a single fixture. However, in a larger light plan the distance between crop and fixture for the HR96 will become larger (more like 100-105 cm), while you can still have the W 150 DE at 75 cm in a large plan. So the difference in distance to the crop between a HR96 and a W 150 DE is between 15 and 30 cm closer (6-12 inch), depending on the size of the room and application. 

We do not recommend the wide reflector in a small room, because you will have much more wall losses with a wide reflector. For a single reflector solution, look at our M 110 DE Small Room reflector, which is optimized for single use. 

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