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Can I extend my DigiStar lamp cord or replace it?


We recommend to keep the leads to your lamp as short as possible as your lamp cord will generate electro magnetic interference. The standard lamp cord is 4m and that is the recommended maximum distance. Longer cords may work but in no case go over 10m and reliable operation is not guaranteed with longer cords.

As the DigiStars do not dissipate a lot of heat you can safely pace them in your climate room. Be sure to mount them vertical so the cooling ribs will cool the electronics and keep them out of the direct ight, as this will heat up your ballast. 

If you want to use a longer lamp cord use the original IEC plug provided with the DigiStar as it has been certified for the 5 kV ignition voltage. Also use a high quality cable which is suitable for high voltage ignition pulses. 

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